Most Popular Sled Wraps of 2019

Most Popular Sled Wraps of 2019

Author: Deviant Ink, on January 15, 2020

Here Were The Top 10 Most Popular Snowmobile Wraps

2020 has come and gone. One of our most favorite things to see throughout the year are all the different designs and unique color combos we see come through by riders like yourself using our custom color designer. 

If you haven't played around with our wrap customizer, check out the video below:


This video was recorded using a cell phone. It shows how easy you can customize any wrap from your mobile phone on

So, without any further ado, let's go through each of the most popular snowmobile wraps of 2020.


Black Widow

The black widow wrap... where do we start...

When it comes to grungy, vibrant, spiders, skeleton power chick... this wrap design checks all the boxes. If you love skeleton snowmobile wraps, you'll dig the Black Widow.



Our Hoodlum wrap is our straight-up gangster skeleton design. This sled wrap features a gnarly skeleton heads, each sporting bandanas. Check out some of the different color variations that have been purchased and you'll see why it's one of our most popular snowmobile wraps.



The Dipit we've seen some sexy color combos come out with this design. Imagine taking a paint brush, dipping it in all your favorite colors and then slapping it across your snowmobile. Boom. There's your dipit wrap.




The Spinal wrap has been a true stalwart in our sled wrap catalogue. This is a wrap design that gets a triple sometimes a quadruple check on the mountain as people are trying to figure out what they are looking at...but once they do...cameras are coming out! 

Our spinal wrap design leaves you guessing as to what creature's spinal cord, rib cage, and guts you're staring out. And that's okay.




The Excess wrap design is for that person who loves structure in their lives but occassionaly likes to push their boundaries to see what they have in the tank. This design features multiple distressed crossing patterns that run all over the sled.




The Polynesian wrap boasts cultural swag from top to bottom. Whether you choose to go simple and dark or loud and bright, the detail in this wrap will constantly earn you double takes on the mountain.



Another new design for the 2019/2020 sled season, the Stacked wrap features a stacked dimensional look. It portrays a 3d vibe of sorts that make you question what you're looking at - in a good way of course!



The Vamp wrap gives off a rock star skeleton vibe and is a LOUD wrap. If you don't want attention drawn to you on the mountain, don't even think about throwing this wrap on your sled.




If you love perfectly placed geometric shapes then the Tek wrap is definitely one for you to consider. Throw in some gradient colors and you get a spectacular 3d arrangement straight from the mathematical gods.



If you're all about 'dem skulls, the Corrupt sled wrap is a rider favorite. This snowmobile skull wrap features an array of skeleton skulls all over the sled in various sizes. If you just want to ride and not talk to anyone on the mountain, this wrap will keep those friendly mountain chit-chatters away! :-)



Design Your Dream Wrap

Now that you've seen our top 10 most popular snowmobile wraps, it's your turn to have some fun! 

Using our custom color designer (click here to see how quick and easy it is to customize), you can take any of our 70+ wrap designs and turn them into the most unique sled design on the mountain!