Can I get a custom wrap?

Yes we do custom! Send us a message through our contact page or hit us up on our live chat box! Custom wraps start at $500 (plus shipping). Payment in full is required to place a custom order before we invest artwork time - our time is very valuable! Once your custom graphics are designed you will receive an email proof for approval (minor changes can be made). Once approved, your graphics are typically printed and shipped within a week. (Requested cancellation or drastic artwork changes to any custom order already underway will have hourly artwork fees applicable to the work completed.)


Can I get a color that isn't available in the customizer?

Yes! Send us a message through our contact page or drop us a line on our live chat! If you don’t see the color you’re looking for, we’ll do what we can.


What makes your wraps the best?

Our business is based on top quality original design and the best materials available. All the work at Deviant Ink is done in-house, in America. Our decals are a combination of high-tac adhesive and super thick lamination—THICK-N-STICKY! We design them, we build them and we ride with them (we love what we do!).


Are your wraps hard to install?

Each wrap is contour-cut to fit your specific machine and designed for you to install it yourself. If you need some guidance check out our Install Guide page. You will also find specific decal placement guides for your machine here.


How do I get sponsored?

Want to be on the crew? Send us your resume, best racing/freestyle pics or video, and tell us how you are going to make it worth our while to send you free stuff—be creative—you’ll be riding around with our logo on the side of your sled. Tell us your unique plan to expose the world to the sickest snowmobile cosmetic stimulation on the planet!


I live in (insert obscure location here), can I still get a wrap?

Designed in America, built in America... but happy to ship worldwide! Tracking info will be emailed once your package is in transit. International import taxes and duties are receiver's sole responsibility. All domestic US orders ship via UPS fully insured. All international orders ship via UPS uninsured (by popular demand) in order to save on import taxes and duty fees.


I just placed an order 7.4 seconds ago, will I get it today?

Orders print and ship out within a week—schedule allowing. Custom and large quantity orders may require additional time. We take each order one at a time and we operate using an on-demand model. What does that mean? It means that we print everything as it’s ordered—we’re not stockpiling kits printed overseas.


Will my kit be the same color as my vehicle?

Due to print pigment limitations, the discoloration of aging plastics and other variables, the printed colors of decals may vary slightly from your vehicle, but our inks are matched up best to our ability to manufacturer colors.


Do your wraps come with a warranty?

DeviantInk.com is not liable for improper installation of graphics, damage to them due to improper install techniques, or damage due to everyday and race abrasions. Our graphics are built out of the highest quality materials, not titanium, but the best stuff you can get! The decal high-tac adhesive and heavy duty laminate will provide excellent adhesion, protection, and longevity but they are not indestructible- they are decals!


I ruined a decal on my wrap, can I just order that one decal?

Due to our printing process, we do not offer individual decal replacements for our wraps. Every order is archived though and you CAN call to replace any full kit, tank, tunnel, tunnel top or trunk order at a 15% discount (original order name and order number required).

For example: if your original order included a KIT, TANK and TUNNEL wrap and you need to replace a side panel, you can reorder just the KIT wrap (which includes the desired side panel decals). If you need to replace one side of your existing tunnel decals, you can reorder just the tunnel wrap. The replacement discount ONLY applies to original purchasers looking to reorder exact duplicate wraps. You will need to provide order number from invoice email.

An advantage of having a full duplicate wrap is that you will already have replacement decals in the event that you damage other parts of your wrap.

If ANY changes are requested, then it is NOT considered a duplicate and full pricing applies. Replacement order discount cannot be combined with any other offer.