Decal Placement

Mini 120 (AC)

Our "decal placement" diagram will help you translate how and where each decal will be installed on your sled, and where each decal is located when you receive your package. Be sure you have your correct snowmobile manufacturer and model selected. When you do, you will see two layouts:

The top image shows how the sledwrap would flow and wrap on your snowmobile (looking at your sled from above and front). The lower image shows how the decals will be laid out when you receive them. The numbers on the two layouts indicate where each decal is located. We recommend starting with one of the large side panel pieces and moving out from there. Please note some pieces are designed to wrap over edges to create clean, complete coverage.

If you ordered extra coverage decals (i.e. tanks, tunnels, etc.) those stickers will be separate and self explanatory, the only recommendation for those, is that you install your tank decals before your tunnel wrap.

Please have a look at our install video and instruction sheet for reference. If you have any questions about installation, please feel free to give us a call, text or email and we can help you through any issue. These are designed to be installed by you (our customer) You shouldn't have to bring it anywhere! 

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