How To Create A Custom Armor Sled Wrap Design

Wrap Tutorial: How To Create An Armor Snowmobile Wrap

Author: Deviant Ink, on June 28, 2020

Wrap Design Tutorial: How To Customize The Popular Armor Wrap

Alright, alright, alright.

Welcome to our wrap design tutorial of the week!

Today, we're going to show you exactly how to design a cool-looking armor (or tank) design using our free wrap customizer tool and the popular "Armor" sled wrap design.

Armor Sled Wrap


How To Make An Armor Sled Wrap

Step 1:

Head over to Deviant Ink, and select snow > snowmobile > your sled manufacturer. For this example, we'll use a Ski-Doo.

Step 2:

Scroll down until you find the "Armor" wrap. It shouldn't be too far down the page. Click the thumbnail of the wrap to get started designing.

Find and select the Armor wrap


Step 3:

Here is where you start customizing colors to get the look you want. This view will be a bit different depending on if you're on your phone or a desktop. You'll notice there are three steps.

  1. POPULAR COLORWAYS: Popular designs if you don't want to create your own.
  2. BASE COLORS: Choose the plastics, tunnel, and accent (seat, skis,etc.) colors of your actual snowmobile.
  3. CUSTOMIZE WRAP COLORS: Design the colors of your wrap.

Our popular colorway for the armor wrap is our standard armor-looking design. You might love this as is, and won't need to play around with the customizer. It's important to take into consideration the color of your plastics. If you're going with a dark-themed wrap, it's always best to have solid black as your plastics. Vice versa if you want a light-colored wrap with a lot of white... make sure your plastics are white.

What happens if you don't have a solid plastic color?

Not a problem.

You'll need to incorporate your plastic color into at least one of the colors in your wrap. This will help your graphics blend well with your existing plastic colors.

Here's what that progression looks like:

Select a popular colorway if you'd like to keep the design as is, or use it as a starting place to work off of designing your own.


Select your base colors. Remember, these are the colors of your seat, skis, rails, etc. We don't print graphics for these areas, but it helps you better visualize how your sled wrap will look.


Start designing your sled wrap with our color customizer.


Step 5:

Once you are done desiging your armor wrap, click the "NEXT / CHOOSE MODEL" and you're on your way. You'll be taken to a page where you select your model, year, track size, coverage, finish type, and any personalization requests like company logos or your name.

Examples of Cool Armor Sled Wrap Designs

 Dark Military



Metallic Silver



Disco Flare







Simple Flare

Play around with that "color 2" option to sprinkle in a little flare. :-) 

Okay so there you have it! We hope we've given you some cool armor wrap design ideas for your next sled wrap! 

Design Your Own

We love seeing and sharing your designs! Take a screenshot, upload it to your Instagram Stories, and tag us (@deviantink).